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The corporate philosophy of the Takara Group is “Contributing to the creation of a vital society and a healthy lifestyle through our fermentation technology and biotechnology in a way that achieves harmony with nature.”. Further, we have also set "Smiles in Life ~Smiles are Life's Treasure~" as our vision, declaring that we will continue to take on the challenge of filling the lifestyles of people around the world, living, and the life of others with smiles.
We will realize our intentions by delivering a well-balanced diet through the Japanese alcoholic beverage and Japanese cuisine and by contributing to people’s healthy lifestyles through the life science industry.

Our business benefits from the bounty of natural resources such as grains, water, and microorganisms. For this reason, we position the harmonization of our business activities with global environmental conservation as one of our key challenges. We have a long history of engagement in environmental issues, starting with our “Comeback Salmon Campaign” that began in 1979. This campaign, which was a pioneering initiative in corporate support for nature conservation activities, supported a citizens’ movement to return salmon to the rivers. Present-day environmental efforts include the Takara Harmonist Fund, a public trust that offers assistance for efforts to protect natural environments, and the Takara Shuzo Farm School. We are also actively engaged in social issues, including spreading awareness on the appropriate consumption of alcohol and the development of health-conscious products.

代表取締役社長 木村 睦

Mutsumi Kimura
President of Takara Holdings Inc.

The social environment surrounding corporate entities is undergoing rapid change, with the need for global responses to challenges such as climate change, biodiversity conservation, resource conservation, and respect for human rights. It was under these circumstances that we formulated and announced the Takara Group Sustainability Policy in 2020, based on the belief that, if we are to continue to achieve the creation of social value through business activities into the future, it is necessary to take greater initiatives to resolve various social issues. The Policy takes up ten important issues (materiality), including “safety and reliability,” from among the social issues surrounding the Group, taking into account the expectations of stakeholders and the impact of those issues on the Group’s business.
The following year, we established specific medium- to long-term goals in the form of the Takara Group Sustainability Vision based on the Takara Group Sustainability Policy, and we are addressing each individual issue seriously to achieve their goals. Through these efforts, we hope to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

We would sincerely appreciate the continued unwavering support of our stakeholders.