Approach and Policy

In order to continuously provide customers with safe and reliable products and services, it is essential for us to continue sustainable transactions with suppliers who are our business partners. The Takara Group aims to realize sustainable procurement by ensuring the safety and quality of raw materials and more, and by also considering the social responsibility of the entire supply chain, including consideration for the environment and human rights as well as compliance with laws and social ethics based on the Takara Group Procurement Policy.

The Takara Group Procurement Policy

  • 1.Ensuring safety and quality
    In accordance with the Takara Group Quality Policy, we will promote activities aimed at ensuring a high level of safety and quality.
  • 2.Consideration for the environment
    Based on the Takara Group Environmental Policy, we will engage in activities with consideration for the global environment.
  • 3.Consideration for human rights
    In accordance with the Takara Group Human Rights Policy, we will engage in activities with consideration for human rights.
  • 4.Compliance with laws and social ethics
    In accordance with the Takara Group Compliance Action Guidelines, we will comply with laws and social ethics.
    We will not request entertainment or gifts from suppliers, nor will we be the recipient of entertainment that exceeds the boundaries of common sense.
  • 5.Equitable and fair transactions
    We will treat all suppliers with common sense and honesty and conduct equitable and fair transactions.
    When selecting suppliers, we will make our decisions after equitable and fair comparisons and evaluations, based on quality, price, delivery date, technical capabilities, supply capacity and other conditions.
  • 6.Maintaining information security
    We will appropriately manage confidential information and personal information obtained during procurement activities.
  • 7.Expectations of suppliers
    With regard to the above, we expect the same considerations from our suppliers, and will endeavor to promote initiatives throughout the entire supply chain.

Sustainability Procurement Guidelines

Requirements in the Sustainability Procurement Guidelines
  1. 1

    Ensuring safety and reliability

  2. 2

    Consideration for the global environment

  3. 3

    Human rights, labor, and health and safety

  1. 4

    Compliance with laws and social norms

  2. 5

    Information security

  3. 6

    Social contribution


Initiative themes Specific measures Targets
Collaboration with suppliers Formulate guidelines for sustainable procurement, and request compliance by suppliers

[ Takara Shuzo ]

1) Explain the Sustainable Procurement Guidelines to all suppliers by FY2021.

2) Ensure that 70% or more key suppliers comply with the Sustainable Procurement Guidelines by FY2025 and 80% or more by FY2030.

Related SDGs

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Collaboration with suppliers

Formulate guidelines for sustainable procurement, and request compliance by suppliers

Takara Shuzo formulates procurement guidelines for suppliers that consider environmental and social issues, and requests that suppliers comply. We have created the Sustainability Procurement Guidelines, which include requirements such as “Ensuring safety and reliability” and “Consideration for the global environment,” and disseminated it to all of our suppliers in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022.

Training for employees in charge of procurement

Takara Shuzo provides training for employees in charge of procurement to ensure procurement is carried out in compliance with the Takara Group Procurement Policy and the Sustainability Procurement Guidelines. The training programs cover a wide variety of topics aimed at improving the procurement and purchasing skills of relevant employees, including the details of the policy and the guidelines.

Risk assessment of new and existing suppliers

Takara Shuzo requests new and existing suppliers to comply with the Sustainability Procurement Guidelines, and conducts supplier risk assessments in line with the guideline requirements.
The Sustainability Procurement Guidelines include “Consideration for the global environment,” which is an environmental requirement, as well as social requirement such as “Ensuring safety and reliability,” “Human rights, labor, and health and safety,” “Compliance with laws and social norms,” “Information security,” and “Social contribution.”

Audits at suppliers’ factories

Takara Shuzo conducts audits on supplier plants as necessary to confirm compliance with the Sustainability Procurement Guidelines. If the compliance status is insufficient, we ask for improvement or propose improvement plans.

Supplier auditing

Supplier auditing

Participation in the Declaration of Partnership Building

TAKARA HOLDINGS INC. supports the Declaration of Partnership Building initiative launched by the Cabinet Office, the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (SMEA), and other organizations. We have announced our Declaration of Partnership Building aimed at establishing mutually beneficial relationships and new partnerships across supply chains to mutually increase value added.
*The Declaration of Partnership Building is issued in the name of the representative of the company that places orders. It represents our commitment to building new partnerships by facilitating cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and business operators in supply chains, in line with our corporate social responsibility.